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3 Red Flags to Watch Out for with your Student Loan Servicer!

Federal Loan Servicers like Navient, ACS Servicing, PHEAA, and Nelnet have received many complaints, some of which lead to lawsuits for misleading clients into accumulating more debt (in the form of capitalized interest) when their clients could’ve qualified for income-based repayment with Student Loan Forgiveness. Before you make any decision on your student loans, go over these common red flags and find out if your loan servicer is doing their job.

Student Loan Debt Explained: Why Student Loan Debt is at $1.4 Trillion and Rising!

About 2 out 5 graduates have outstanding balances owed to their servicer, an estimation that applies to 20% of 30-40 year olds. Imagine having a family, raising kids and still paying off your student loan debt— this is an accurate depiction of the deeply flawed education system in the United States.

Top 10 Weirdest Places to Visit on Earth

TOP 10 WEIRDEST PLACES TO VISIT ON EARTH By: Genesis Moreno Some tourist attractions are too overrated, not to mention overcrowded and super expensive! If you want to spice up your vacation, you might want to consider something a little on the flip-side. Prepare to be weirded out with these 10 strange places! 1)  Lake […]

Millennials: “I’ll take the job just pay for my student loan debt!”

By: Genesis Moreno With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, it’s open season on new hires. Yet, companies recruiting the millennial workforce are scratching their heads on how to attract a generation looking for more than a nine-to-five. Can offering an employee benefit just for them do the trick? VIDEO: https://www.cnbc.com/video/3000532014 (Source: CNBC) The New […]

Top 10 Tourist Scams to Avoid

By: Genesis Moreno Tourists are predictable, and some people are ready to take advantage of that. If you’re in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is probably on your to-do list. Hitting up New York? I’m guessing Times Square. Ding, Ding, Ding! If you have plans this summer, check out these Top 10 Tourist Scams to avoid […]

What’s Next: Are Students Ready for Student Loans?

Saying “I do” to student loan debt is a big commitment, but how many soon-to-be borrowers know what they’re getting themselves into? In a study done by LendEdu, 512 high school seniors were surveyed on their basic knowledge of student loans. The results definitively raised some eyebrows: 80% didn’t know about repayment terms. 69% didn’t […]

Cheat Sheet: How To Travel with Less Than $1,000!

Cheat Sheet: How to Travel For Under $1,000! You want to see the world but there’s a serious dent in your savings. Lucky for you, travel has never been so widely accessible. Don’t believe me? Just ask the internet. If you’re ready to hit the road or the open blue skies, check out these travel […]

TESTIMONIAL: Support Our Teachers #RedforEd

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week but many teachers are saying it isn’t a time for celebration, it’s a time for protest.