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The Purpose of My Education Solutions is to help our Clients live the life they dreamed of when they decided to advance their education.


My Education Solutions is a consumer advocacy organization and the leading national expert in Student Loan Forgiveness located in San Antonio, TX.
We provide financial wellness education and a proprietary calculator to help people make more informed decisions to reduce their student loan debt in the fastest and least expensive way.

Our clients have received a significant reduction in their monthly and overall debt. Many of our Clients were previously told they did not qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness yet, because our expertise, we have successfully qualified and manage their programs.


My Education Solutions was founded from a servant’s heart of wanting to make significant changes in the lives of others.  Over the years, we are honored to help our Clients accomplish their dreams of purchasing a home, getting married and starting their families.

We provide hope and guidance to those we touch.

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North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Valued Member Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, Member San Antonio Board of Realtors
Downtown San Antonio, Member