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UTSA Ring Ceremony 2019

My Education Solutions and the University of Texas at San Antonio Honor Soon-to-Be Graduates at Ring Ceremony My Education Solutions (MES), a longstanding partner of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Alumni Association, recently participated in the UTSA Ring Ceremony, which honored upcoming December graduates. Students got a feel for graduation day as […]

Lights of Esperanza 2019 – Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Previous Next My Education Solutions Helps Ring in the Christmas Season at Texas A&M University-San Antonio 2019 Lights of Esperanza It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at the Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMUSA) campus. My Education Solutions (MES), along with nearly 2,000 San Antonio residents, celebrated the upcoming holiday season at the Lights […]

Graduation is Around the Corner-and Your Student Loan Payment isn’t far behind!

You’re nearly there! You can see the light peaking at the end of the tunnel and graduation day is on the horizon. You’ll soon submit your final project, take your last exam, and give cheers alongside friends and family once you’ve walked the stage. It’s the end of an era. After the dust from graduation […]

Student loan debt is a bad romance for Millennials and marriage

Spring is upon us, and your social media feed will no doubt be filled with images of lush outdoor weddings and surprise engagements, but the reality is many Millennials are delaying marriage for a very unromantic reason – their student loan debt. More and more Millennials are waiting longer to get married or putting it […]

Five Steps to Qualify for Your Home Sweet Home

  Spring is here, which means new beginnings sprouting in your garden – and possibly a new home! If you’re beginning your search, you might be looking forward to weekend open houses and pleasant home buying weather. But, besides your must-haves for an excellent school district, walk-in closets, and shiplap walls – thank you, Joanna […]

My Education Solutions, Texas A&M University-San Antonio Present Joyce Raposo with First $5,000 Freedom Grant Award for Student Loan Forgiveness

Financial freedom can mean a lot of things. For most, it means having more time, options – and hope. My Education Solutions (MES) believes in the power of higher education, as well as giving hope to the millions of Americans struggling with the burden of student loan debt. That’s why MES is giving a slice […]

¡Viva Fiesta! Carry on this time-honored tradition, not your debt

Spending on experiences rather than goods is on the rise, but so is the burden of student loan debt. San Antonio is synonymous with the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and Fiesta. That’s right, in April, it’s all medals, turkey legs, and flower crowns, oh my! The two-week celebration has been going on since the 1800s, includes 100+ […]

How to Prevent Losing Your Tax Refund Due to Student Loan Debt

How to Prevent Losing Your Tax Refund Due to Student Loan Debt The deadline to file taxes – April 15 – is right around the corner, and many people are looking forward to putting their tax refunds towards a vacation, down payment, renovation or debt. However, that may not be the case for some student […]