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Student Loan Forgiveness can Recruit and Retain Young Workers

Working for the same company for 40 years ending with a gold watch, a pension and the loyalty of a company is the way of the past. In today’s fast paced, constantly moving and changing job market, staying with one company isn’t a priority when seeking that dream job. Much of that choice comes down […]

Ways to Spot a Student Loan Scam

I checked my mail the other day and now I have to basically open everything to weed out the bills from the junk – although some days it all feels like junk mail. I got a very interesting, official looking letter that had some type of “Federal” name on it so I opened it with […]

Are you sure you are in a Student Loan Forgiveness Program or just paying a lower monthly rate?

Lots of confusion exists in the marketplace with people being told by their Service Provider that they are enrolled in a Forgiveness Program when they may have only been placed on a reduced payment plan. Not all reduced payment plans guarantee that the individual is receiving all the student loan forgiveness they are entitled to, […]

Student Loan Budget 2018

Good News for individuals with Student Loan Debt yesterday, July 23, 2017, the House of Representatives who are currently debating the 2018 Budget in Washington DC have decided to full fund the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs while cutting other programs. There still will be debate on the Senate floor and President Trump will have to […]

5 Exotic Vacation locations that are completely affordable in 2017

Sunshine and destinations are the key to a great vacation – somewhere warm and wonderful and preferably somewhere that doesn’t break the bank. Politics, economics and all those other things we want to forget when we head out for vacation fun have made some travel locations that would have cost a small fortune to visit […]

And Baby Makes 3

  That bundle of joy can also cost you a bundle of bucks! The average cost of raising a baby in the first year alone is around $12,500, that’s according to a 2010 report from the USDA. Consider time taken off for maternity/paternity leave and other excessive costs associated with having a baby — like […]

Don’t Stress It: 5 ways to love your work life again

Work life is not always the most enjoyable part of the day – its called the “daily grind” for a reason and unless you work at Starbucks – it likely has zero to do with coffee. Clocking in to work sometimes adds more stress to your day, but there are ways to feel better about […]

Love your life

Loving yourself and your life is the same as falling in love with someone else. You have to take the time to nurture the relationship, learn about yourself and fall in love with YOU. Find out who you are: Spend 5 minutes a day and create a list with two columns – one for likes, […]