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MES at the UTSA Ring Ceremony:

Congratulations to Our YETI Winner!

“We are UTSA” echoed across the ballroom as the young graduates-to-be chanted to the class ring mantra: THIS IS MY RING; IT IS A SYMBOL OF WHAT I HAVE DONE. IT IS A SYMBOL OF WHAT I CAN DO. My Education Solutions was delighted and honored to attend UTSA’s Ring Ceremony on Monday in partnership with […]

Get Your Dream Home
Even With Student Loan Debt

By: Genesis Moreno You’re finally ready to commit to purchasing a mortgage. You’ve got a steady job with reasonable benefits, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with (or at least a good chunk of it), and you want to create some stability for the kiddos stumbling onto the school bus every […]

Holidays Can Be Expensive:
3 Tips to Save ‘Tis Season!

Written By: Genesis Moreno It’s all fun and games until “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” is followed by a zero in your bank account. According to Prosper Insights & Analytics’ recent annual survey, the average amount U.S. adults plan to spend this holiday season is $967.13. Between grandma’s new T.V. set, festive decor, and expensive […]

5 Scary Ways Debt Affects Your Health

Which came first – the chicken or the egg? No one can really decide. The same goes for researchers who have been trying to decide whether debt causes mental health issues or if mental health issues cause debt – but regardless of the answer – we can all agree that debt can cause some pretty […]

Student Loan Forgiveness can Recruit and Retain Young Workers

Working for the same company for 40 years ending with a gold watch, a pension and the loyalty of a company is the way of the past. In today’s fast paced, constantly moving and changing job market, staying with one company isn’t a priority when seeking that dream job. Much of that choice comes down […]

Ways to Spot a Student Loan Scam

I checked my mail the other day and now I have to basically open everything to weed out the bills from the junk – although some days it all feels like junk mail. I got a very interesting, official looking letter that had some type of “Federal” name on it so I opened it with […]

Are you sure you are in a Student Loan Forgiveness Program or just paying a lower monthly rate?

Lots of confusion exists in the marketplace with people being told by their Service Provider that they are enrolled in a Forgiveness Program when they may have only been placed on a reduced payment plan. Not all reduced payment plans guarantee that the individual is receiving all the student loan forgiveness they are entitled to, […]

Student Loan Budget 2018

Good News for individuals with Student Loan Debt yesterday, July 23, 2017, the House of Representatives who are currently debating the 2018 Budget in Washington DC have decided to full fund the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs while cutting other programs. There still will be debate on the Senate floor and President Trump will have to […]