How does student loan forgiveness work?


Achieve Complete Debt Forgiveness Through a Fully-Managed Program

Rest assured, there’s a solution to your mounting student loan debt. Let the MES Advisors leverage their experience in student loan debt management to help you successfully achieve financial freedom.
Step 01
Step 01

Speak to an Advisor

Speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable Advisors today regarding your student loan debt and Forgiveness options.
Step 02
Step 02

Get Approved

The Department of Education approves 99% of the applications that we submit for enrollment.*

Step 03
Step 03

Track Your Progress

Your Client Portal provides full transparency of your payment history, archives documents, and counts eligible forgiveness payments.

Step 04
Step 04

Achieve Forgiveness

Upon the completion of your eligible Forgiveness payments, you will be released from any Federal Student Loan debt!

Who is MES?

A Student Loan Management Firm dedicated to helping you live your best life.

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We'll help you understand your student loan debt repayment options and help you manage it easily.

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Why hire MES to manage your Student Loan Forgiveness program?
Reassurance. My Education Solutions delivers results for pennies on the dollar.

100% of MES Clients have received Student Loan Forgiveness after completing their required payments.*

We’re dedicated to helping you Live Your Best Life!

We Can Help Reduce Monthly Payments

99% MES Clients Renew Annually

Pay $0 to Find Out If You're Eligible

All Income Levels and Credit Accepted

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