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Our Greatest Compliment is a Happy Customer.


"There IS an end in sight; I'll be saving tens of thousands of dollars. That's just a weight off my shoulders and I really am thankful for that opportunity that I was able to accomplish this. Advice: Sign up!"
Chandler S.
"This was a Godsend! ...I am so relieved that I can breathe and pay my student loans with the help of My Education Solutions. Thank you for giving me hope for a fruitful life!"
Mary A.
"My Education Solutions made my experience wonderful. They saved me thousands of dollars without me having to jump through hoops! I recommend them to anyone who is stressing out about student loans! ...It worked for me!"
Albert H.
"My Education Solutions has helped me in so many ways! They found a program that works with my income and I saw increases in my credit score!"
Vicky M.
"They truly have your best interest at heart. That’s a HUGE change from what I’m used to with student loan companies. Make the switch-- you’ll be glad you did!
Kasham L.

Free to Fly: Angela's Story

Instead of finding a job that would take time away from what really mattered, Angela took out student loans to support her and her daughter. “To be the mom I was determined to be, I took out loans to pay my rent. They were about $850 a month to repay, but if you ask me, it was worth it”.

#REDFORED: Adrienne's Story

In Arizona, about 75,000 teachers statewide have organized a walk-out to march against low wages and insufficient school funds. The largest educational march in U.S history. Adrienne Henderson, a third-grade elementary school teacher, has joined the fight for decent living wages.

"Sometimes debt can make people feel ashamed or embarrassed. They really are supportive every step of the way. [It's] like had a partner in taking care of that. It's been a wonderful relationship from the very beginning."
Deyla E.
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Kristen Was Overpaying On Her Student Loans Before Working With My Education Solutions!

Jennifer is On-Track Towards Forgiveness with My Education Solutions!
Thank you, My Education Solutions!

Amber Has Found Peace & Comfort From Her Student Loans with My Education Solutions.
The Best Advice for Anyone with Student Debt!

A Family Relieved they Reduced their Student Loan Debt by 85%.
Her Wages were going to be Garnished because of Student Loan Debt.

Dr. Petty Encouraging those with Student Loan Debt to Enroll with My Education Solutions.
Dr. Lopez Thanking My Education Solutions for helping them change their lives

I am able to Enjoy my Life with the Help of My Education Solutions
Happy Client Testimony

My Education Solutions helped Quentin save for his wedding.
My Education Solutions saved Cierra $50,000 in payments.

With his debt cut in half, William is starting his family.
My Education Solutions saved Monica $113,000.

My Education Solutions saved Diana $40,000 in payments.
My Education Solutions got $87,000 of Rita’s debt forgiven.

Jim’s payments went down to $71 a month thanks to My Education Solutions.
The Del Posca family saved $40,000 with My Education Solutions.

“That great education from OLLU came with a price and My Education Solutions has helped me to stop running and get things under control with a savings.” Dori Brown

“WOW!!! What an awesome organization! My deferment was about to run out and I had no idea how I was going to pay $700-$1000 a month back. A wonderful friend told me about My Education Solutions and I went on and got enrolled. Now I’m looking at less than $140 a month! Yay me! I’m already passing along the word to others and they, too, are applying. Thanks My Education Solutions!” Paul Knarf

“I have saved thousands of dollars in student loan forgiveness. I graduated with a Master’s in 2006 and never saw the light at the end of the loan term. When I met with Beverly from My Education Solutions she took very little time to give me the new figures. I was astounded and couldn’t hold my tears with the good news. I will pay less a month, thousands were forgiven, and the number of years reduced by more than half! I also want to mention the staff was incredibly polite and very nice. This is a legit program and an amazing place. Thank you!!” Margery Perez

“Thank you thank you My Education Solutions! I always knew there was a way to resolve my STRESSFUL student loan issues. When I heard of this organization I was skeptical because it all seems too good to be true. I applied for it and was quickly approved. The entire process was SO easy and stress-free! Again, I thank you so very much for this. You have no idea what a relief it is to know I no longer have to be stressed out trying to figure out how and WHEN I will actually be able to pay my loans back. THANK YOU AGAIN! I recommend you all to everyone I know!” Caress

“My Education Solutions saved me $21,000 on student debt loans. The staff is very friendly! Superb service.” Diana Castilla

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