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Obtaining Student Loan Forgiveness is very difficult for individuals on their own.

100% of MES Clients have received Student Loan Forgiveness after completing their required payments.*

Our Professional Student Loan Advisors navigate the complexity of the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness programs on your behalf with a proven success rate. Over the past eight years, MES has helped hundreds of Clients lower their monthly payments.

$49,116,199 Saved*

If you are tired of searching on your own for a solution, let us do the heavy lifting and save you time by managing the program for you. Our experienced Student Loan Advisors handle your entire Government student loan program for you and deliver results that are hard to duplicate on your own.

Federal Student Loan Repayment Resumption

As the Department of Education’s repayment on-ramp period concludes, regular payment schedules will resume after September 30, 2024. It’s essential for borrowers to prepare for this transition to ensure they manage their repayments effectively and avoid potential penalties (ex: negative impacts on credit scores).

The SAVE Plan: What You Need to Know and How Can MES Help?

The Dept. of Education’s new plan called Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan, replaces the existing Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Plan. The plan is to make student loan payments more affordable for lower-income individuals. For eligible borrowers, your monthly payment will be based on individual income and family size. Some may not have to make any payments at all.

After a scheduled payment is made under the SAVE Plan, the plan will also eliminate 100% of the remaining interest for both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. If you make your monthly payment, your loan balance won’t grow due to unpaid interest.

If you were already enrolled in the REPAYE Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the SAVE plan. Remember, this is a Government Forgiveness program. Therefore, meeting all the requirements annually is important to maintain your good standing in the program. My Education Solutions’ Student Loan Management services keep Clients on track by ensuring their monthly payments are made to their Servicers and the proper documents are submitted every year. Since SAVE is a new plan, we will monitor the payments and industry changes closely to address any issues that may arise. If you are considering the SAVE Plan, speak to an MES Advisor to check your eligibility and see how much you could save every month.

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Speak to an Advisor

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Get Approved

The Department of Education approves 99% of the applications we submit for enrollment.*

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Your Client Portal provides full transparency of your payment history, archives documents, and counts eligible forgiveness payments.

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Upon the completion of your eligible Forgiveness payments, you will be released from any Federal Student Loan debt!

Refinance Eliminates Forgiveness Options!

MES Loan Advisors Know How  to Help You

If you’re looking for long-term solutions to manage your student loan debt, contact our advisors today to learn about our programs and how we can help. We will develop the best repayment strategy based on your individual situation each year.

SAVE (formerly REPAYE plan)

Lowest monthly payment available for borrowers

Income-Based Repayment (IBR)

Based on your income and family size

Pay As You Earn Repayment (PAYE)

Could be as low as $0 per month based on eligibility

Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR)

Capped payment amount based on your discretionary income.

We’re dedicated to helping you Live Your Best Life!

We’re dedicated to helping you Live Your Best Life!

Pay $0 Until Approved to Save Money

All Income Levels and Credit Accepted

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The Purpose of My Education Solutions is to help one million Americans successfully acquire the Student Loan Forgiveness they need to live the life they dreamed of when they decided to advance their education. Improving yourself should never be a burden. Let our Advisors help you get access to Government-Funded relief.