Important Updates about Student Loan Forgiveness


Nov. 14, 2023

The Department of Education (DOE) is currently experiencing a high volume of student loan forgiveness applications, resulting in an extended processing time. While the typical processing time is 4-6 weeks, the current backlog may cause delays.

We understand that you are eager to receive a decision on your application, and we are committed to expediting the process as much as possible. We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

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Nov. 14, 2023

The Department of Education is actively addressing concerns regarding the mistakes being made by the student loan Servicers. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Dept. of Education is placing impacted borrowers on administrative forbearance, with no interest accrual, until errors in their accounts are resolved. The months in forbearance will be counted toward loan forgiveness on income-driven repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Examples of the errors identified by the Education Department include:
• Incorrect monthly bills due to errors in transitioning to the new SAVE income-driven repayment plan
• Failure to send borrowers any information on their new monthly payment before it became due

As part of our Student Loan Management services, the experienced MES team tracks, audits, and corrects Servicer errors on Clients’ behalf.

If you would like to find out if you have been affected by the Servicers’ mistakes, speak to an Advisor today at 210-405-2610.

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Oct. 5, 2023

The Biden-Harris administration announced yesterday that an additional 125,000 Americans have been approved for $9 billion in debt relief through income-driven repayment (IDR) and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), and granted automatic relief for borrowers with total and permanent disabilities. 

Here is a breakdown of the debt relief by the numbers:

  • $5.2 billion in additional debt relief for 53,000 borrowers under Public Service
    Loan Forgiveness programs. 
  • Nearly $2.8 billion in new debt relief for nearly 51,000 borrowers through fixes to income-driven repayment. These are borrowers who made 20 years or more of payments but never got the relief they were entitled to. 
  • S1.2 billion for nearly 22,000 borrowers who have a total or permanent disability.

While this announcement will be welcome news to many, it will still have little impact on the vast majority of borrowers. Who is actually eligible to access these relief funds?

To participate in a Public Service Loan Forgiveness program you must be a federal, state, local, or tribal government employee for a total of ten years. Income-driven repayment relief only applies to borrowers who have made payments for 20 years or more. The last category of borrowers must have a permanent disability as defined by the Social Security Administration. 

If you don’t fall into any of these categories then you must start making payments on your student loans this month.  Interest on these loans has already started accruing so it’s important to make a plan now and act by exploring your repayment options. 

An MES Advisor can give you the latest information on forgiveness programs and check your eligibility at no cost. Speak to an Advisor at       210-812-3200.


The Dept. of Education’s new plan called the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan, replaces the existing Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Plan. The plan is to make student loan payments more affordable for lower-income individuals. For eligible borrowers, your monthly payment will be based on individual income and family size. Some may not have to make any payments at all.

The plan will also eliminate 100% of the remaining interest for both subsidized and unsubsidized loans after a scheduled payment is made under the SAVE Plan. If you make your monthly payment, your loan balance won’t grow due to unpaid interest.

If you were already enrolled in the REPAYE Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the SAVE plan. Remember, this is a Government Forgiveness program. Therefore, meeting all the requirements annually is important to maintain your good standing in the program. My Education Solutions’ Student Loan Management services keep Clients on track by ensuring their monthly payments are made to their Servicers and the proper documents are submitted every year. Since SAVE is a new plan, we will monitor the payments and industry changes closely to address any issues that may arise.

If you are considering the SAVE Plan, speak to an MES Advisor to see check your eligibility and see how much you could save every month. 210-812-3200 or 800-618-1170

My Education Solutions is dedicated to helping clients find a path to student loan forgiveness. Our forgiveness program has been available for 8 years and can significantly reduce your monthly payments. Our clients who have completed their programs have received an average of $87,124* in forgiveness, with a total of $22, 913,675* already granted by the Government.


June 30, 2023: CARES Act Benefits end and MES will keep all Clients in current status.
September 1, 2023: Interest begins accruing on outstanding Federal Student Loan debt.
October 1, 2023: All Federal Student Loan payments will resume for 44 million people across America

To ensure that our Clients receive credit towards their 10-Year Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), MES is urging them to submit their outstanding Employment Certification Forms (ECF) for any months in which they worked for a qualified employer as soon as possible. This will help us process their applications before Student Loan payments become mandatory again in just a few months.

If you are an Ambassador or Client Ambassador and you have referred potential clients to MES, please ask them to send their information immediately. This will allow us to process their applications quickly before October 1st . Due to the anticipated increase in activity surrounding student loan payments, MES is expecting delays in the Department of Education processing of new forgiveness clients. If you have any questions about referring potential clients, please contact our Ambassador Success Manager, Meisie Beauvais, at

As of June 30, 2023, MES Completed Clients have saved a total of $22,913,675 with an average savings of $87,124 per client.

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Was not approved and will not be moving forward.

White House Announcement:
Department of Education Announcement:
Additional Resource Links: The Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief Plan Explained


As the Department of Education continues to provide updates in writing and other information on how the new loan forgiveness will be administered, MES will communicate this information to our Clients. Please refer to the Client Advocate Portal (CAP) for specific information on how the forgiveness program affects your individual program. Please continue to check back on our website for additional announcements, including how the new PSLF programs will be administered and how to apply for your targeted debt cancellation. MES will notify you in writing that your debt is forgiven once we have the government documentation and close out your account at that time.

The MES CAP allows you to access the following:

Updated information is currently available and there are many changes to share exclusively with our MES clients.
Your September 1st, 2023 Payment Amount
Your New Servicer*
Full History of Payments
Full History of ECF (10-Year Forgiveness Client Programs Only)
Number of Payments Made
Review and sign off on your CAP (Client Advocate Portal) as part of your renewal process for 2022 to ensure that all the information is accurate before submitting your Renewal documents.
Click here for a virtual tour with our Customer Care Team to begin using our CAP (Client Advocate Portal) and access your payment portal 24/7 from your computer or mobile phone!

New Servicers Transfers:
MES has transferred you from FedLoan to your new servicer. Your CAP will reflect which payments have been made to your previous servicer and which payments will be made to the new servicer so that you will know which one was accessed.

New Billing Options and Flexible Payment Schedules:
All MES Clients will continue to be billed on the 1st for their monthly payment. Please speak with a Customer Care representative to participate in pre-payment of programs for up to 12 months and alternative payment methods for those that have NSF. If MES drafts your full 12-month payment upfront then we will hold it in escrow and pay it month by month as it is due.

New Building Hours!
Please come visit us if you would like to meet face-to-face about all these changes. Please note our staff is working remotely Mondays and Fridays and are in the office Tuesday through Thursday.

Location: 2700 Lockhill Selma, San Antonio, TX 78230

Please come visit us for a confidential consultation, to drop off documents, or for our Client Appreciation gatherings which we hold several times a year. Our website calendar lists upcoming events for the year

MES is a private company and is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education, and is not affiliated with any federal, state, or local government agencies or any authorized federal government contracted student loan servicers.

Updated 06/30/23

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