My Education Solutions Celebrates 9 Years Empowering Borrowers with Student Loan Forgiveness

My Education Solutions Celebrates 9 Years Empowering Borrowers!

Nine years ago, My Education Solutions (MES) began with a mission: to help people break free from student loan burdens. Today, we’re proud to celebrate our anniversary and the thousands we’ve assisted on their path to financial freedom. Still feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt? Don’t wait! Get a free student loan forgiveness assessment + MES will let you know if you qualify. Discover a brighter financial future through their student loan management solutions.

Our Founder’s Story

The inception of MES is rooted in a love story. Christina Randell, our founder and CEO, found herself at a crossroads when she discovered that her partner Tony had a substantial amount of student loan debt. At the time, the online resources to find student loan forgiveness solutions were not easy to find and even when she did find something, it wasn’t very helpful.  

Determined to find a solution, Christina found the answers she was looking for hidden in the thousands of pages of the Student Loan Act of 2007 that created the modern-day forgiveness programs.

Christina created a system to successfully process and monitor student loan forgiveness programs and developed a proprietary, online solution to quickly determine savings eligibility before enrolling with her new company, My Education Solutions. 

With a newfound mission to eliminate student loan debt nationwide, she embarked on a journey to share her knowledge and empower others. Over the years, we’ve refined our systems, developed proprietary online tools, and helped thousands of people break free from student loan debt.

A testament to her hard work and vision, the National Association of Women Business Owners – San Antonio presented Christina Randell with the Community Woman Business Owner of the Year award in March 2024. The award “recognizes a NAWBO entrepreneur who excels at strategy, operations, finances, problem-solving, innovating, overcoming adversity, and giving back to her community. This honor is not based on the size of her business, but rather on her overall business and community excellence.”

Feeling Overwhelmed by Student Loans? My Education Solutions Can Help

    At MES, our purpose is clear: to help everyone achieve student loan forgiveness and reclaim their financial freedom. We understand that education should be a pathway to prosperity, not a burden weighing individuals down. 

    Through our comprehensive student loan management program, we offer:

    • Dedicated Advisors:  Our team of dedicated Student Loan Advisors navigates the complexities of student loan repayment on your behalf, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits available.
    • Proven Results: With hundreds of clients receiving complete forgiveness from the government and over $49,000,000 saved collectively, our track record speaks for itself.
    • Tailored Solutions:  We understand that each individual’s situation is unique. That’s why we provide the optimal solutions to align with your specific goals and financial circumstances.
    • Effortless Management:  From auditing and resolving servicer errors to tracking payments and providing timely notifications, we handle every aspect of your forgiveness program, so you can focus on living your best life.

    Join the MES Family!

    Is student loan debt holding you back from your dreams? My Education Solutions can help you achieve financial independence. With our unwavering commitment and compassion, we’ll help you navigate the path to forgiveness and ensure that the light at the end of the tunnel remains within reach. Just read some of our client reviews and see what kind of impact we made in their lives. 

    As we celebrate our anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients, partners, and supporters who’ve been part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more years of transforming lives and empowering dreams! 

    For more information, speak to an Advisor at 210-405-2610 or visit our website

    Disclosure: This blog contains general information about student loan forgiveness and should not be construed as financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor regarding your specific situation. Individual results may vary based on unique circumstances.

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