Over 44 million borrowers owe a combined 1.6 trillion dollars in federal student loan debt and the clock is about to strike midnight for those borrowers. On October 1st, student loan repayments are set to resume. This news has a lot of borrowers worried about the impact on their finances. 

Student loan payments haven’t been part of most people’s monthly budgets, and now they are scrambling to come up with a solution. Recent graduates find themselves in the position of making student loan payments for the first time, often with limited knowledge about available options for them. Some stories have been trending on social media about a “debt strike”, with many borrowers contemplating not repaying at all.  This action could lead to devastating financial consequences, including wage garnishment, damage to your credit rating, and restrictions placed on future student aid. 

For many, a Federal forgiveness program could lower monthly payments and save them money over time. Hiring a Student Loan Management Firm may be the solution for borrowers looking to get on a path to forgiveness.

How Can a Student Loan Management Firm Help?

Student Loan Management Firms like My Education Solutions will manage every aspect of a Client’s Federal Student Loan forgiveness program. MES has a team of experienced and trusted Advisors that can help clients navigate the complex world of student loan forgiveness so they can focus on other things and live their best life!

My Education Solutions can help Clients:

  • determine which federal forgiveness programs they qualify for
  • lower monthly payments
  • complete the necessary paperwork
  • stay on track with their payments to the Servicers
  • correct Servicer mistakes
  • maintain their level of good-standing annually

MES has already helped hundreds achieve complete student loan forgiveness and that number is growing. With the clock ticking towards October 1st, it’s time to take action. Speak to a Trusted and Experienced Advisor at 210-812-3200 and get started on the path to forgiveness.