That bundle of joy can also cost you a bundle of bucks! The average cost of raising a baby in the first year alone is around $12,500, that’s according to a 2010 report from the USDA. Consider time taken off for maternity/paternity leave and other excessive costs associated with having a baby — like doctor’s bills and the copious amounts of Starbucks you will be drinking in the first few months – it’s a fact that having a baby is expensive! With the high cost of a newborn, plus temporary or permanent loss of an income, some couples with student loan debt are waiting to have kids.

Student loan payments can sometimes take 20 or more years to pay off, depending on the loan amounts. If student loan payments are keeping you from your dream of parenthood, My Education Solutions  can help you lower those student loan payments. Our services not only help you reach financial freedom, but we could help your dreams of having a family become a reality sooner rather than later.