Work life is not always the most enjoyable part of the day – its called the “daily grind” for a reason and unless you work at Starbucks – it likely has zero to do with coffee. Clocking in to work sometimes adds more stress to your day, but there are ways to feel better about your job outside of payday.

Reconnect with the thing you once loved about your job. Maybe it was the great hours or even just a really comfortable chair. There was something that kept you from quitting on day one and remembering what that was will help remind you of why you are there in the first place.

Co-workers can really make or break your work situation. Having a group of core people at work that just seem “to get” you or at least are worth hanging out with can make a huge difference between a great work life or a miserable one. Without someone else at work to talk to about work or just as an escape from a really bad day, the days could to feel pretty isolating. Just one work friend can make all the difference.

Be grateful. I know that sounds a little crazy – shouldn’t the boss be grateful that I even showed up for work, did that extra work or stayed an hour late every day last week? Well yes, but that might not happen. However, showing gratitude at work will not only make your day run a lot smoother, it will also add to a more pleasant work environment. Some days might be harder than others – but if you are ever in a pinch and can’t find something to be grateful for – remember that someone replaces the toilet paper. Be grateful that person didn’t call out sick today!

Attitude is everything. There is a lot to be said for having a positive mindset. If you go into a situation with the idea that it is going to be horrible and fail then it’s likely to happen. Be positive, don’t react to something that hasn’t happened yet. If you already have a positive attitude, when a mistake or unforeseen circumstances happen, it might not end up being as bad as you thought.

Minimize distractions. We are hardwired to think about everything. Ok well women are – I assume men are too, but the internet memes tell me differently. However, when you are stressed about something regardless of gender, it seems to stay on your mind. Taking steps to minimize the other stressors in your life can help keep you from being distracted at work. Take time to handle your personal issues and resolve them. Alleviate those stresses to keep them from adding to your work issues.

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