Sunshine and destinations are the key to a great vacation – somewhere warm and wonderful and preferably somewhere that doesn’t break the bank. Politics, economics and all those other things we want to forget when we head out for vacation fun have made some travel locations that would have cost a small fortune to visit in years past become completely affordable and even cheap!

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia
On most people’s dream vacation list, with 300 days a year of sunlight, Australia has made the top of this list. The currency is at a low point allowing your dollars to stretch all the way to the Gold Coast. Burleigh Heads is a bohemian beach paradise that has a hip coffee, beer and food scene. Kick back and soak in the rays Aussie style.

Cairo, Egypt
The land of pharaohs, mystery and a fluctuating currency has made this a top vacation in 2017. You can now visit where major civilizations began at a fraction of the price for hotel, food and tours.

Hopkins, Belize
Although Belize has the reputation for being one of the most expensive destinations in Central America, it’s become cheaper than even the Florida coasts. This Caribbean beach paradise is ‘toes in the sand, drink in your hand’ kind of getaway. If sand, sun and fun are on your bucket list, Belize should be right there too.

Lisbon, Portugal
If Europe is where you are looking to go, check out Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal is rich in history, museums and amazing food, did I mention hotels as cheap as $30 a night? And if Lisbon turns out to not be your scene, you can always hop a train to Portugal’s second largest city Porto and find beaches, museums and the site of one of the world’s first fairs. Where ever you travel in Portugal it’s bound to be a trip you won’t soon forget.

South Korea/North Vietnam
I put these two locations together because while people tend to think of the wars that happened there, many years have passed and not only have these countries rebuilt but flourished.
The Hanoi area of Vietnam on the Chinese border is a vibrant land with cheap accommodations and cheap food. But don’t mistake the price for what you get – not only is it an amazing landscape but food that will leave you wanting more.
Of course everyone knows about the Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea, but this affordable location has so much more to offer than a few dance moves. High tech city with historic buildings and delicious food all at such low prices, this is one destination you can hit any time of the year and be amazed.

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