Good News for individuals with Student Loan Debt yesterday, July 23, 2017, the House of Representatives who are currently debating the 2018 Budget in Washington DC have decided to full fund the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs while cutting other programs.

There still will be debate on the Senate floor and President Trump will have to sign off on the final budget but all indications are that President Trump is backing the continuation of Student Loan Forgiveness that currently is affecting 1 out of 3 Americans and our economy.

The Trumps Administration attempt to streamline the Student Loan Programs and make one 15 year plan did not pass through the House.  This means that we will keep the 10 year and 20 year Forgiveness programs at the current interest rates as they have been in place since the Student Loan Act of 2007.

Can the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs one day disappear?  “It’s very possible that Student Loan Forgiveness will get cut one day”, says Christina Randell President of My Education Solutions who has helped thousands receive an average of 70% discount off their Student Loan debt with their Forgiveness calculator and program in San Antonio, TX.

“The good news is that America just got 100% of the Student Loan Forgiveness funding in this budget but that means you need to apply for Forgiveness now.  If you are approved you are grandfathered in even if Student Loan Forgiveness is cut in future budgets.   “Take action now if you want to make sure that you do not miss out on money that you are legally entitled to”, according to Ms. Randell.

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