Lots of confusion exists in the marketplace with people being told by their Service Provider that they are enrolled in a Forgiveness Program when they may have only been placed on a reduced payment plan. Not all reduced payment plans guarantee that the individual is receiving all the student loan forgiveness they are entitled to, if they are to receive it at all! Many reduced payment plans require the full amount of the debt plus interest to be paid and offer no Forgiveness in the end.

According to Christina Randell, President of My Education Solutions which administers Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for thousands of Americans, “Student Loan Forgiveness is not automatic at the end of a 10- or 20-year program unless you are re-approved every year on a qualifying Forgiveness plan by the Department of Education.  Service Providers sometimes do not offer the Forgiveness approval services necessary to receive all the potential Student Loan Forgiveness.”

If you want to confirm that you are indeed on a qualifying plan to obtain Forgiveness, please contact a legitimate consumer advocacy organization that will provide this information to you at no cost.  When seeking an organization to work with make sure that they are transparent, are willing to meet with you face-to-face, will disclose all information pertaining to fees and your forgiveness amount upfront, and will be with you through the entire Forgiveness process.  A legitimate firm can help you realize potential savings of 70% or more off your entire debt regardless of what industry you are employed in.

My Education Solutions are your Experts in Student Loan Forgiveness. Our proprietary Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator will allow you to anonymously discover in just 2 minutes how much Student Loan Forgiveness you qualify for upfront. If you have questions about your Student Loans or Forgiveness program, contact the Experts, My Education Solutions at 800-618-1170 or chat with us live at www.MyEducationSolutions.com.