How Do I Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness?

Will Student Loans Continue To Be Paused?

At My Education Solutions, we want to take student loan debt stress off your plate and we are confident that our national Student Loan Forgiveness Advocacy Organization can help you with whatever situation you might be in. We are based in San Antonio, Texas and we want to help you get out of debt as soon as possible! Student loans have been paused for quite some time now, and if you’re interested to know if loans will continue to be paused, read below. Contact us today!

The Current Situation

When the pandemic began two years ago, the U.S. Department of Education paused federal student loans in March of 2020. Since then, student loans, interest, and payments have been paused for 2.5 years and they are scheduled to begin again September 1, 2022.

Student Loan Debt

Most students who go to college have to take out loans to make their way through. In turn, this puts many people in student loan debt, and it can take quite some time to pay everything back.  This is due to the high amounts of money people are responsible for paying back.

The Future Situation

There is a possibility that Biden’s officials might extend the student loan payments till after the mid-term elections in November, but lately the political sentiment is moving toward having students resume payments for the sake of the economy.  No matter what happens, you should start preparing for repayments starting in September.

Several large services like FedLoans and Navient are no longer servicing student loans and millions of people have been “re-assigned” to a new servicer that you will need to sign-up for an account and make sure your payment history is accurate so that you don’t loose payments that you have already made.

In addition, depending on the student loan program you are enrolled in.  During these past 29 months you may not have to make up the payments if you act now to enroll in a student loan forgiveness program before October 31, 2022.

Our Student Loan Forgiveness Program

At My Education Solutions, we help everyone apply for Student Loan Forgiveness. If you are interested to learn how you can have the past 29 months of payments count toward a forgiveness program, whether you work for a for-profit or a non-profit you need to act quickly.   If you want help transferring to your new servicer and want someone to help you navigate the world of Services and Loans just give us a call.

To see if you qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness you can answer 5 quick questions on our MES Forgiveness Calculator and see if you qualify to have your student loans forgiven more about the criteria you must meet for our student loan forgiveness program, learn more on our website today!

Student loans have been paused since the start of the pandemic, and whether or not they will continue to be through September is still a mystery at best. At My Education Solutions, we want to help you with your current loan situation, so  contact us today so we can help!