Student Loan Forgiveness

Most of us grew up believing that pursuing a higher education would allow us to fulfill our dreams. The reality is that more than half of working Americans are struggling to pay their student loan debt and not living the life they hoped for.

Fortunately, we have the solution that you need! My Education Solutions is a national expert in Student Loan Forgiveness that has successfully helped save our Clients lots of money.


  • Q. What is Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Student Loan Forgiveness is free money available from Congress to pay off your student loan debt if you meet certain requirements.   Many people find it difficult to enroll on their own because it is complicated and confusing. My Education Solutions Experts cut through the red tape of qualifying & enrolling you. We then maintain your Forgiveness Program until it is successfully completed.

  • Q. Who can Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Almost everyone, in any industry, at any income level qualifies for Student Loan Forgiveness.
    Discover how much Student Loan relief you qualify for by simply using the My Education Solutions Calculator.

  • Q. How much can I expect to save?

    Program results vary based on the individual’s situation. Our typical client is saving over $400 per month and over 70% or more off their entire student loan debt when they initially enroll.  Each year you will re-qualify for the program. Your monthly payment and final Forgiveness amount may change year-to-year depending upon changes in your qualifying information.


  • Q. How is Student Loan Forgiveness different than a Consolidation or Refinance?

    In both Consolidations and Refinancing you end up paying 100% of the debt owed plus interest.
    In Student Loan Forgiveness a portion or all of the principal and interest is paid off for you by money set aside by the Government.

  • Q. Next Steps to Student Loan Forgiveness:
    • Answer 5 quick calculator questions and review instantaneous results.
    • Complete your Enrollment packet.
    • Enrollment paperwork is reviewed and your payment amount is confirmed with you.
    • Once enrolled, we charge the enrollment fee.
    • As agreed, your monthly payment will be withdrawn and paid to your creditor.
    • Each year we renew paperwork at no cost and submit your final Forgiveness paperwork at the end of your program.
  • Q. What are Parent Plus Loans?

    Parent Plus Forgiveness Loans are loans where the parent or spouse of the person who attended school has accepted responsibility to pay back the Federal Student Loan debt.
    There can be a great misunderstanding with this type of loan. Most people believe they were co-signing a loan, but that is incorrect. They are responsible for 100% percent of that debt.
    Parent Plus loans have a much higher interest rate, but there is good news. We process Parent Plus the same way we process individual clients. We are able to find forgiveness programs for both Parent Plus and the individual student.


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