Enrollment Process

Stage 1: Forgiveness Survey
Take Forgiveness Survey so we can establish if you qualify.
Results are Emailed within 48 business hours by your assigned Advisor.
See Privacy Policy

Stage 2: Enrollment Process
Forgiveness Survey results include following information:
a. Next Steps, Program Info & Expectations Timeline
b. New Low Monthly Payment
c. Number of Payments Till Payoff
d. Amount of Forgiveness
e. Documents to Enroll
f.  FAQ – Common Questions & Answers
g. Advisor’s Direct Contact Information
h. Ability to “Schedule Phone or In-Person Appointment”

3 Convenient Ways to Enroll:
Option A – Virtual Enrollment
Option B or C – Phone Consult or In Person Consult

Virtual Enrollment:
Skip “h” and submit documents back to enroll.
Fastest & Most Popular way to enroll.

Phone or In-Person Consultation:
Submit documents for Advisor 24 hours prior to consult.
Directions & phone instructions will be sent to you via email.
30 min. limit on consults due to high demand for Advisor’s expertise.

Phone or In-Person Cancellation Policy:
Can’t make appointment? 24 hour notice to fill your spot.
Missed your scheduled appointment with no notice? Enroll Virtually.

Stage 1: Take Forgiveness Survey