How Do I Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student Loan Debt? Here’s Our Process to Enroll in Forgiveness

Student loan debt is a hassle, but it’s a hassle that can be resolved! At My Education Solution (MES), we specialize in helping the residents of Texas resolve their student debt by finding student loan forgiveness options. If you are looking for a reliable student loan forgiveness program, here are the four steps we follow to get our clients the best student loan forgiveness programs possible! Get started by reaching out to us today.

Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator

The first step to finding the perfect loan forgiveness program is to use our student loan forgiveness calculator.  If you have questions contact a MES Student Loan Advisor to assist you.


Once you have used our calculator program, to determine your low monthly payment it’s time to enroll!  MES’s experienced Student Loan Forgiveness Advisors can answer your questions and process your application for you so you have peace of mind. To enroll in a student loan forgiveness program, Reach out to us today!

Notification of approval

Once the Department of Education has officially approved your application then MES will contact you to set up your Servicer repayment plan.  In addition, MES will track all of your payments to your Servicer so that you receive credit and have an advocate making sure the Servicer gives you the forgiveness you deserve and keep up with your paperwork and renewals each year. If you are looking for assistance with your student loan forgiveness program, Reach out to MES today!

Do you know your game plan for your student loans when payments resume after December 31,2022? With student loan payments being on pause for over 30 months, like many, created an “out of sight out of mind” monthly bill that we have forgot about. You may want a team to help tackle this monthly bill for you, at My Education Solutions and like football, its a team and support for you get to the touchdown line of receiving student loan forgiveness. Get started with My Education Solutions today!

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