How Do I Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness?

Loan Numbers You Need to Be Successful

Successful Results for Our Clients

If you are looking for student loan forgiveness, it can be difficult to know where to start or what you need to get started. At My Education Solutions in San Antonio, Texas, we are committed to helping our clients get the best student loan forgiveness plans possible. If you are wondering what you need to be successful, contact one of our advisors today to help you get started. Our clients have received on average 91% forgiveness of their student loan debt, we are here to be the support team for your successful results in student loan forgiveness..

The Right
Questions to Ask

When determining your student loan forgiveness qualifications, there are several criteria to meet that play a role in your success. Asking questions to your servicer provider is needed, but asking the right questions is key. At My Education Solutions, we understand there are many changes happening with student loans and we are here to answer the right questions in determining your success for student loan forgiveness. 

Lifting the Burden of “Figuring it Out”

When figuring out where to start or what to submit for your student loan forgiveness applications, it can be frustrating to know exactly what to do. When you add in life’s busyness it seems impossible to take care of those student loan applications or call your service provider. Our team at My Education Solutions are here to help navigate life’s busyness for you and lift the burden of figuring out where to start or what to do for your student loan forgiveness process.  It’s our mission to help you be successful in obtaining student loan forgiveness. Learn more about our services at

Building Trust Takes Time

At My Education Solutions, we often say “there’s lots of noise in the student loan world”. Determining what is a trusted resource to help you with student loans can be hard, our staff understands clearing the “noise” and building trust take time. We have over 800 real customer reviews sharing their story on how we have helped guide them with their student loan forgiveness journey. Having a true client success story is the heart of how we build a trusted service.  Want to learn more on these stories? Contact us today at 210-812-3200.

Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator

To be successful in navigating student loan forgiveness, is having the right tools and resources to get started. Our calculator uses your  inputted numbers to calculate your eligibility and  shows you whether or not you qualify for student loan forgiveness! For more information about our services, reach out to My Education Solutions or check our the Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator today!

The Football Team for Your Student Loan Game Plan

Do you know your game plan for your student loans when payments resume after December 31,2022? With student loan payments being on pause for over 30 months, like many, created an “out of sight out of mind” monthly bill that we have forgot about. You may want a team to help tackle this monthly bill for you, at My Education Solutions and like football, its a team and support for you get to the touchdown line of receiving student loan forgiveness. Get started with My Education Solutions today!