Working for the same company for 40 years ending with a gold watch, a pension and the loyalty of a company is the way of the past. In today’s fast paced, constantly moving and changing job market, staying with one company isn’t a priority when seeking that dream job. Much of that choice comes down to benefits and what the company can do for the employee.

One way to retain younger employees is to offer them benefits they can see now. Student Loan Forgiveness programs are an excellent way to accomplish this. This gives the employee the feeling of being valued and wanted by the company, while eliminating any strings attached type feelings. Having someone want you with no strings attached will create a loyalty among employees that other benefits like a 401k that won’t be seen until retirement can’t match.

When the employer shows young workers that they are interested in the benefit of them and their current status – it builds a trust that won’t be soon forgotten. My Education Solution’s Employer Financial Wellness Program allows your Organization to offer Student Loan Forgiveness as a benefit to your employees. My Education Solutions is a consumer advocacy organization and the leading national expert in Student Loan Forgiveness located in San Antonio, TX.

Student Loan Debt is the #1 stress in the workplace. One in three of your employees have more than $30,000 in student loan debt, causing stress and lower productivity in your Organization. Now you have a solution with guaranteed results. My Education Solutions has already saved thousands of Clients more than$150 Million dollars, and we can help your employees. Our Student Loan Forgiveness Program approves 75% of people who apply, with an average savings of 85% off their student loan debt.

Your Organization can sign up in just a few minutes and then share a unique code with your employees, their families and anyone else, by using social media, a website, newsletter or other electronic format. Get more details and sign-up for the Financial Wellness Program at My Education Solutions by clicking here.