By: Genesis Moreno

Some tourist attractions are too overrated, not to mention overcrowded and super expensive! If you want to spice up your vacation, you might want to consider something a little on the flip-side. Prepare to be weirded out with these 10 strange places!

1)  Lake Hillier, Western Australia

I’m not a big fan of pink, but Lake Hillier in Western Australia looks like bubble-gum. Theories about where this strange color comes from, but scientists can’t explain it!  No swimming in Lake Hillier, but you can check it out by helicopter!

Credit: Kurioziteti123 

2) The Catacombs, France

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning and feel like decorating tunnels with human skulls and bones? Yeah, me neither. But apparently, it was the only solution Paris could come up with to deal with the six million bones flooding cemeteries since the 13th century. Just make it a tourist attraction- I’ll pay to see that!

Credit: Travis Grossen

3) Cat Island, Japan

Cat got your tongue? Aoshima Island is the cat’s meow with more felines than people on any given day. This island is Cat Lady paradise for those of us who prefer fuzzier mammals. Curiosity welcomes all (I’m officially done with the cat phrases)!

Credit: Thomas Peter 

4) Ausangate Mountain, Peru

Capture the rainbow at Ausangate Mountain! A range of colors located in the Peruvian Andes. Strips of gold, lavender, maroon, and turquoise are worshiped-quite literally by local Peruvians honoring the deity of Cusco.

Credit: Jayde Archives 

5) Island of Dolls, Mexico

Island of Dolls is home to a spooky legend. Don Julian Santana left his family to be a recluse on an island where he found a dead little girl wash up on shore. To honor “all the lost souls”, he dedicated his life to collecting muñecas and hanging them everywhere. Warning: you may not make it out alive.

Credit: CC Wa17gs/ Wikipedia Commons

6) Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Japan

I think I’ve eaten 564 packets of ramen in my life-ballpark. It’s the staple food of Asian cuisine and it’s a symbol of national pride (imagine a Mac-and-Cheese museum!). Learn the history of your favorite insta-snack and get tasty samples while you’re at it.

Credit: Aida Bennouna

7) Underwater Museum, Mexico

When you think of Cancun, I bet you imagine beach resorts, mojitos, and bikinis. Did you know there’s an underwater museum with over 400 sculptures?! It’s now the biggest artificial reef in the world!

Credit: Cancun CVB

8) Digital Art Museum, Japan

Usually people go to museums to stare at paintings on walls, but what if you can become one with the art? Enjoy a gallery that looks like a fantasy world!  Digital Art Museum will open its doors this June 2018 to show you what the future looks like!

Credit: teamLab

9) Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island

Any Avatar fans in the house? Sea of Stars, nicknamed after it’s mirroring of the star-lit night skies, is your top tourist destination to see bioluminescence in action. Microorganisms in plankton glow when they’re agitated causing this beautiful effect. Who thought getting algae mad would work?

Credit: Doug Perrine/Getty Images

10) Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Dare to visit the creepiest forest on earth? Mysterious disappearances, four-dimensional portals, and infamously known as a Transylvania landmark from Dracula, Hoia Baciu Forest isn’t for the weak-hearted. Of course, none of the folklore has any scientific grounding, but what’s the harm? Right? Right?

Credit: Sebastian Unrau

How’s that list for mind-boggling? There will never be a dull moment if you consider the absurd for your next vacation! Disclaimer: our publication is not responsible for any paranormal experiences adhering destinations in this blog.  Have fun!

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