“Buy a wife with a potato masher? Strange Ancient Currency”

Did you know that potato mashers were used as money in the ancient Bafian culture? And wives could be bought for thirty potato mashers? Some pretty strange things were used as currency in ancient times. Other examples include iron snakes, salt, Parmigiano cheese, cocoa beans and large stones weighing eight tons. Luckily we don’t have to carry around heavy stones to buy things, but many of us carry a lot of debt, which is a heavy burden.

The recent closures of several colleges including Career Point, ITT Technical Institute, Everest College and Corinthian Colleges, have left many people in shock and thousands of students with no classes, but plenty of student loan debt, and wondering what to do next.

One option is to check other schools for comparable programs to help you transfer your credits, go to (College Navigator). Also, see if you qualify for “School Loan Discharge.” You may be eligible for a 100-percent discharge on your federal student loans acquired at the closed schools, meaning you would not have to pay back those loans.

My Education Solutions can file your discharge paperwork if you would like. My Education Solutions is a financial advocacy organization committed to finding forgiveness solutions for anyone with student loan debt. They have helped clients across the nation with over $100 million in debt with Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.

“Nine out of ten people qualify for student loan forgiveness, but have no idea,” explains Christina Randell, My Education Solutions Founder and President. “They often were previously told they didn’t qualify, but they did.”

Former Career Point student Anthony says he is excited to hear about the Student Loan Forgiveness Program. “Education is expensive, but no education is more expensive. It’s good to know there are avenues where you can get help and enjoy your degree.”

No snakes or stones here. We’re talking about saving green paper currency.
Now until December 1st, 2016 My Education Solutions is waiving the one-time enrollment fee of $99.

To find out if you qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness go to www.MyEducationSolutions.com and take the Free Survey or call 1-800-618-1170 for more information.