Last Updated: February 4, 2020

As the saying goes “sharing is caring”, and it was sure nice to find out how our donation to The University Phoenix’s Alumni Association contributed to an inspirational person, Michelle Turnbow’s dedication to care where it mattered most.

“I was just thinking how nice it would be to donate to the homeless or people in need”, said Michelle Turnbow, a retired veteran, in an interview with My Education Solutions.

Michelle first launched Project Purse for a Purpose in 2016 when her passion for giving-back finally began to take form in the confines of her closet–literally.

“I saw all these purses I didn’t use and I figured there had to be lots of other women who had purses that could go to a better cause”.

Michelle knew from her own experience with homelessness that the holidays were filled with blessings for many, but heartache for those spending Christmas beneath bridges and on freezing cold streets.
“Not everyone is going to be at their best all the time,” she said, “that’s why we owe it to one another to give back”.

What started off as a shout out to Facebook friends for purses became Project Purse for a Purpose, an initiative where gift bags of new or slightly-used purses filled with much needed toiletries like toothpaste, lotion, soaps, feminine products, razors, and Kleenex, where assembled and given away to those in need.

The first year, Michelle collected 75 purses but last December, Project Purse for a Purpose took on a life of its own. With friends, military personnel, and organizations including The University of Phoenix, L&M Links Daycare, 300 Seconds, and Just So, a total of 167 purses were fashioned for the cause!

As the festivities rolled in, Michelle and volunteers made their way to downtown San Antonio, shelters, and bridges, to surprise individuals with an act of kindness.

“One lady just started crying… ‘a purse for me?'”, recalled Michelle.

She plans to continue the circle of giving with Mother’s Day coming up and even plans to add backpack gift sets for men!

It was definitively heart-warming to find out how My Education Solutions was able to be part of the circle of giving.

“If you have enough or more than enough, you can give” said Michelle.

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Written by Genesis Moreno