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What’s Next: Are Students Ready for Student Loans?

Saying “I do” to student loan debt is a big commitment, but how many soon-to-be borrowers know what they’re getting themselves into? In a study done by LendEdu, 512 high school seniors were surveyed on their basic knowledge of student loans. The results definitively raised some eyebrows: 80% didn’t know about repayment terms. 69% didn’t […]

Cheat Sheet: How To Travel with Less Than $1,000!

Cheat Sheet: How to Travel For Under $1,000! You want to see the world but there’s a serious dent in your savings. Lucky for you, travel has never been so widely accessible. Don’t believe me? Just ask the internet. If you’re ready to hit the road or the open blue skies, check out these travel […]

Support Our Teachers #RedforEd

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week but many teachers are saying it isn’t a time for celebration, it’s a time for protest.

Let’s Connect

By: Genesis Moreno Before you toss networking aside and mistake it as a skill-set for social butterflies, let’s explore why networking is a skill you already have and what you can do to maximize it. When I first began my career journey, I figured I could “make it” if I stuck my head in a […]

Launch Your Career: 3 Steps to Fuel Your Professional Journey!

By: Genesis Moreno Finding the perfect career match is a lot like believing in soul mates: it sounds too good to be true, inspiration most likely came from a Disney movie, and when the opportunity does arise, it’s likely a hit or miss. But even if you want to orbit the earth or be the […]

Infographic: Say ‘No’ to Student Loan Refinancing!

It’s likely you’ve been targeted by private companies encouraging you to refinance your student loans. We’re here to tell you: DON’T DO IT! Beware of the consequences. Student loan servicers like Navient/SallieMae, Earnest & Sofi claim to offer the “best” solutions to your student loan debt. But is private refinance really in your best interest? The CONS […]

Business Etiquette Isn’t What It Used to Be

In the 1920’s, it was common to stand up as a courtesy when a woman entered a conference room, but business etiquette has entered a whole new era where social pleasantries aren’t based on gender, age, or race anymore. Yay progress! As technology becomes more accessible, business begins to permeate the world stage. It’s our […]

Boost your Productivity with Neuroscience

There are more cells in the brain than stars in our visible galaxy, yet the brain is a mystery we’re barely beginning to unravel. Understanding how the mind influences our reactions, relationships, and emotions can boost our awareness and productivity. Where do Emotions Come From? Your perception including your sense of self, habits, behaviors, and […]