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Apply Now to Win a $5,000 Grant On Your Graduation Day

You did it! After years of hard work, graduation is just around the corner. That means so are your student loan payments!

To celebrate your success and to ease the burden of your student debt, My Education Solutions is offering the $5,000 Freedom Grant to one lucky recipient. 

To apply, simply complete the application below. The application deadline is December 2, 2019 for SPRING & FALL Graduates.

The winner will be selected December 6, 2019.

Application Deadline for SPRING 2020 Graduates: To Be Determined

Criteria for Grant

  1. Must have a minimum of $30,000 in Federal Student Loan Debt.
  2. Must be in your final year before graduation.
  3. Must be interested in reducing your student loan debt.
  4. The winner must enroll and remain in the Student Loan Forgiveness program with My Education Solutions at no cost to receive the $5,000 Freedom Grant.

Best of luck!

About My Education Solutions

My Education Solutions serves as consumer advocates for Federal Student Loan borrowers. Our goal is to tackle the student loan epidemic facing our country and free up students to enjoy their lives and pursue their dreams without having to worry about making an outrageous monthly payment on their student loans.

We lower payments by $400 per month on average* and qualify our clients for forgiveness on their remaining student loan debt balance (principal and interest included) once Federal program requirements are satisfied.