Our Story

My Education Solutions’ (MES) mission to eliminate student loan debt across the nation started as a love story with a humble beginning…

Our founder, Christina Randell had found the love of her life when she met Tony; he was handsome, smart and so much fun that when he wanted to get married Christina was delighted… until she discovered he had significant student loan debt. 

She felt conflicted moving forward with the marriage unless they had a plan in place to eliminate his student loan debt.  Unsatisfied with the available resources online and available through the Servicers to help guide people to find student loan forgiveness solutions available, Christina found the answers she was looking for hidden in the thousands of pages of the Student Loan Act of 2007 that created the modern day forgiveness programs.  

Christina and Tony married in 2011! They decided they wanted to give back and share what they learned, so others could enjoy their lives and achieve their dreams, too.  They created systems to successfully process and monitor student loan forgiveness programs and developed a proprietary, online solution to quickly determine savings eligibility prior to enrolling.  Thousands of Clients have benefited from the live changing power of student loan freedom.  My Education Solutions continues assisting individuals nationwide and internationally that are struggling to make ends meet due to excessive student loan debt and compounding interest.

Christina & Tony - Wedding Photo

Today, My Education Solutions has developed into a experienced student loan solutions company over the years and developed proprietary tools to track qualified student loan forgiveness payments. We’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of people across the country and continue to grow from the referrals of our happy customers.

In case you were wondering, Christina and Tony lived happily ever after in San Antonio with their two German Shepherds Suri and Sky and just celebrated their 11th year anniversary. Now, they’re writing happy endings for others in similar student loan debt situations.