Norma McMichael - Customer Care Specialist

Norma Alicia McMichael

Customer Care Specialist

Norma has a mother’s touch, tools for success – and the snacks.

My Education Solutions is a well-oiled machine, and Norma Alicia McMichael is, in large part, the reason the machine runs smoothly day-to-day. Norma assists teams with critical administrative functions and ensures the office is stocked with all the essentials. She is also the face – and voice – clients see and hear when inquiring, renewing services, or receiving an MES birthday-gram.

Norma’s background working with students at San Antonio College and special interest groups at AARP have given her the patience, excellent communication skills, and ability to empathize when helping make a difference in the lives of MES clients. Along with her Front Desk Specialist Certification, her attentiveness to detail, time management, and positivity have allowed her to thrive in her multi-faceted position.

Around the office, Norma is known for being a “mama bear” and the snack person – which needless to say draws a lot of people to her desk seeking comfort and sustenance. When she’s not providing customer care, Norma spends time with her husband, three children, eight grandchildren, and 11 godchildren – did we mention the need for snacks? In the future, she looks forward to returning to school, any one of her many craft projects, and traveling more.