Melissa Adriano - Client Relationship Specialist & Receptionist

Melissa Adriano

Client Relationship Specialist & Receptionist

Melissa may race to the finish line, but she devotes her time to MES partners.

Melissa Adriano is the “face” of MES and one of the first to help new clients understand what MES is all about. As client relationship specialist and front-desk receptionist, Melissa streamlines communication around the office by addressing questions for clients walking through the door or over the phone. She also helps management pull off special events and completes administrative duties.

In addition, she is responsible for the MES Ambassador Program, which partners with businesses to extend MES’ reach, and writes and creates the MES quarterly newsletter for new and existing clients and associates. All of her responsibilities require her excellent communication, empathy, and critical thinking skills. She has also carried her skills with her as part of her involvement with the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas.

Before MES, Melissa was counting numbers in accounting and reps in the gym. She has experience in accounts payable/receivable and is a certified personal trainer.

When she’s not working, she’s most likely running a 5K, exercising, or spending time with her two daughters.
In the future, she hopes to travel more and complete a marathon!