Malcolm Coon

Malcolm has been working in the technology industry since 1984 and he has specialized in Internet Development since 1994. Over the years, he co-founded multiple technology companies and has served those companies in various capacities, including as Programmer, CAD Specialist, Marketing and Business Development Director, Software and Product Development Manager, Project Manager and CEO. He has extensive experience in the application of business technology and has helped hundreds of client companies over the years to successfully implement technology-based solutions that help the business grow and have a positive Return on Investment (or as he likes to phrase it, Return on Technology).

With an educational background in computer science and electrical engineering, he received a Bachelors degree in Engineering Management from the University of Texas in Austin in 1988. His experience includes computer programming, software development, project management, operations management, engineering management, distribution management and production planning and inventory control.

Malcolm is experienced in all phases of application development and system integration. For the past thirty plus years, he has been focused on developing strategic technology solutions for businesses. Using his background in business process and technology, he has led teams that have developed and implemented solutions for distribution, fulfillment, online commerce, automated processes and electronic document processing.

Malcolm’s amazing talent and experience has been instrumental in the development our Client Advocate Portal!