Leah Angulo - Renewal Specialist

Leah Angulo

Renewal Specialist

About Leah

Leah ensures clients keep comin’ back for more…savings, that is.

As an MES renewal specialist, Leah Angulo works with clients to process annual program recertifications, so they can continue to save hundreds on their monthly student loan payments. She provides personal client care, manages required correspondence, and works closely alongside other departments to make sure all the Is are dotted, and Ts are crossed. At MES, she is known for being a team player and easy to get along with, which effectively checks the boxes on the “awesome co-worker” list.

Leah’s professional background includes more than 15 years in accounting. Recently hailing from Virginia, she’s a Texas transplant along with her husband, who is active duty in the U.S. Army. She’s passionate about all things health and fitness, and you can typically find her training at the gym, running, or walking her two Dobermans in the park.

Beyond MES, she hopes to one day travel the world, learn about different cultures and accomplish her first Spartan Race.