Cynthia Wilson, Processing Specialist

Cynthia Wilson

Processing Specialist

She may be a vegan, but she eats student loan debt for breakfast.

As processing specialist, Cynthia Wilson works closely with new and existing My Education Solutions clients to ensure a successful path to student loan forgiveness – from start to finish. Cynthia is responsible for preparing client documents, submitting repayment renewals, and thoroughly communicating with clients at every stage.

With a background in mortgage processing, Cynthia understands the financial impact and importance of providing excellent customer service, detail accuracy and organization.  But, the best part of her job? Serving clients and being part of helping them gain a better financial future.

Among the MES team, she’s known for her plant-based diet and large family, which includes three kids and nine grandchildren!

In her free time, she enjoys participating in her church, reading and puzzles. While she may not be putting any shrimps on the barbie, she does hope to travel down under to Australia one day.