Chelsey Hernandez - Client Billing Specialist

Chelsey Hernandez

Billing Specialist

Chelsey slashes through her goals like MES slashes student loan debt.

When it comes to billing, Chelsey Hernandez doesn’t mess around – with clients’ hard-earned money or their emotions. As a billing specialist, Chelsey has the critical job of ensuring student loan repayments are processed successfully and promptly, and that clients’ finances are protected.

Chelsey is committed to always learning and growing, having done a little bit of everything at MES – from processing to renewals and now billing. In her current role, she uses her communication skills, ability to work well under pressure, and determination to resolve billing issues efficiently and put her clients at ease. Being self-motivated, an expert multi-tasker, and able to adapt quickly have also helped her in the fast-paced environment.

Chelsey is a recent college grad’ herself – and the first in her family to earn a degree. Holding a bachelors in criminal justice, she hopes to practice family and real estate law in her own office one day. In her spare time, she likes to draw, play the violin, and dance.

Chelsey has a long list of bucket list items that include things like traveling the world. But, her hopes and dreams for her life are universal. She wants to start a family, live a life without regrets, and make her family proud – that’s one we think she’s already achieved.