CARES Act Ends and Payments Scheduled to Begin After August 31, 2022.
The Department of Education just announced on 4/6/22 they were moving the May 1st end date to after August 31, 2022.  To learn more visit

MES will begin automatically drafting ALL Clients both Servicer & MES fees when the CARES Act ends which is scheduled after August 31st, 2022, drafting will begin September 1st,2022.

Existing Clients, please review your email and MES CAP (Client Advocate Portal) for:

  • Updated information (Lots of changes to share exclusively with MES Clients)
  • Your September 1st Payment Amount
  • Your New Servicer*
  • Full History of Payments
  • Full History of ECF (10 Year Forgiveness Client Programs Only)
  • Number of Payments Made
  • Review and sign off on your CAP (Client Advocate Portal) as part of your renewal process for 2022 to ensure that all information is accurate before submitting your Renewal documents.

Click here for a virtual tour with our Customer Care Team to begin using our CAP (Client Advocate Portal) and access your payment portal 24/7 from your computer or mobile phone!

*New Servicers Transfers:
Most of FedLoan, Navient, or Granite Clients have been transferred to new servicers. Your CAP will reflect which payments have been made to your previous servicer and which payments will be made to the new servicer so that you will know which one was accessed.

PSLF Waiver Fast Track Program:

MES created a PSLF Waiver Fast Track Program for new clients enrolling who have already worked the 10 years at a qualifying company and only want MES to process their PSLF Waiver. We provide a free consultation, customized advice, and processing of your PSLF Wavier at a discounted price. For those who can have part of their Student Loans forgiven, but not all 120 payments we will be enrolling them as Clients and getting as much of their debt forgiven as possible during this limited time.

New Billing Options and Flexible Payment Schedules:
All MES Clients will continue to be billed on the 1st for their monthly payment.  Please speak with a Customer Care representative to participate in pre-payment of programs up to 12 months and alternative payment methods for those that NSF. If MES drafts your full 12 month payment upfront then we will hold it in escrow and pay it month by month as it is due.

MES Has Moved!
Please come visit us if you would like to meet face-to-face about all these changes. We purchased a building and are now operating conveniently at 2700 Lockhill Selma, San Antonio, TX 78230 near the corner of Wurzbach and Lockhill Selma.

Please come visit us for a confidential consultation, to drop off documents, or for our Client Appreciation gatherings which we hold several times a year.  Our website calendar lists upcoming events for the year.

Updated 4/11/2022