Fundraising Opportunities

Raise Money for an Organization!

Raising money for a Non-Profit, School, Alumni Association, or other group is easy with our Ambassador Program!

The Organization receives a $50 Donation every time a Referral enrolls for Student Loan Forgiveness. The Referral also saves $50 off their enrollment fee. It is always a win-win situation with My Education Solutions!

  1. Click on the “FUNDRAISING” Button below.
  2. Choose a Gift Card or Direct Deposit for the Donations.
  3. Select from the pre-designed artwork in your portal and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. There is an option to add your LOGO on an “Asset” (that’s the artwork you can share), and other options to easily customize it.
  4. You can also embed your Ambassador link on a picture or text and email it to people on your donor or member lists, add it to your newsletter, add it to a website or text it.

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