Free to Fly: Angela’s Story

Free to Fly: Angela's Story

Angela Fulton was nineteen years old when she discovered she was pregnant, at the same time she was attending school under an an athletic scholarship at The University of Texas El Paso. She knew she had to make an important decision. Even though her coach supported her pregnancy and offered to keep her scholarship intact, Angela never questioned her priority to become a full-time mother to her daughter, Naia, even if it meant giving up on the sport she loved for the moment.

After completing her basics at Austin Community College, she decided to pursue a Bachelor’s in Education at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, closer to home. “It was hard, but I grew up in a household where it was never an option to quit college”, said Angela. Instead of finding a job that would take time away from what really mattered, Angela took out student loans to support her and her daughter. “To be the mom I was determined to be, I took out loans to pay my rent. They were about $850 a month to repay, but if you ask me, it was worth it”.

Only a slim percentage of teenage moms finish their degrees, but Angela was not about to become another statistic. She never questioned the value of an education, even though sometimes she struggled to put food on the table. “I’ve been there…when I didn’t think about my future; I was thinking about the next pay check”, said Angela. What was initially a full-ride, became over $120,000 in student loan debt. Although she had no regrets, she was knee-deep in debt and had no idea where to find a solution.

Four years ago, Angela was referred to My Education Solutions by Navarro Elementary Assistant Principal, Mrs. Holmes, of Lockhart, Texas, where she used to work. “You don’t know what’s real or not these days, but I trusted my Assistant Principal. If she said it worked for her and cut her debt radically, I knew it was the way to go”.

It’s common for many people to be bombarded by student loan debt scams. Even though Angela was at first hesitant to claim her Student Loan Forgiveness, she took the leap and finished her application process. She was surprised to discover how easy it was and even more surprised to find out she really did have a team of experts rooting for her. “It’s a bureaucratic nightmare to find good resources these days and with my busy life! With the helpful reminders, the follow-up, and Barbara’s customer service, I literally felt like someone just gave me $32,000!”

Angela Fulton is now a high school teacher and a soccer coach at Vandegrift High School. I asked her what she planned to do with her new savings of about $300 a month. “It’s called Free to Fly Fultons,” she said, “when Naia graduates in 2020 we’re going on an international journey! We’re thinking of sky-hammocking in Shanghai, China”.

Angela never felt like she gave up her athletic scholarship to raise her daughter. She felt like her daughter was the key to the only life that would make her truly happy.

“I got to be the mom that I dreamed of being, play the sport I love, and I still get this incredible gift (student loan forgiveness)”.

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Soar on Fultons, soar on!

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