How Does My Education Solution’s Benefit Program Work?

Organizations use our Benefit Program for lots of different purposes from fundraising to attracting and retaining the best employees. In addition, you can use our Benefit program to help free up money from current and prospective clients so that they can buy or invest in your products and services.

The My Education Solutions Benefit program is very flexible it all begins with being issued a Promo Code for your Organization which will allow us to track participation by employees, members and clients referred by you in our program.

The object is to have your employees, members or clients enter your Promo Code when they fill out the Forgiveness Survey to see if they qualify for Forgiveness.

Every time the Promo Code is entered, your Organization can track the number of surveys, the number of Approvals, the Amount of Debt Forgiven and many other fields on a secured portal. There is no cost to receiving a promotion code and you select the information you want to view in your portal.

Can I add Incentives to the Promo Code?

Yes, you can choose to pay the one-time $299 enrollment fee if they Qualify and want to enroll.

Or you can choose to pay all or part of their monthly student loan payment for a limited time or for the entire time they are working for you or a member or client.

You can also offer special incentives of your own if they participate in the program, such as coupons or discounts on your services, or wellness initiatives.

We are happy to work with you to design the best Promo Code program for your organization.