Federal Student Loan Debt Payments Begin Again on September 1st – Will You Be Ready?

The countdown is on for those Americans that deferred federal student loan payments for more than two years through the Cares Act. As of September 1, the U.S. Department of Education will reinstate collections on federal student loan payments, and only 3% of Americans are currently taking advantage of forgiveness programs.

My Education Solutions (MES), based in San Antonio, has been offering student loan forgiveness advice and management services nationwide to individuals, corporations, and universities for over seven years to help navigate the complex student loan debt industry. MES founder Christina Randell says that new clients are often confused and worried with servicer changes and new Government Student Loan Forgiveness programs being offered for only a short time that getting solid advice from an experienced firm you can trust is extremely critical.

“Our team of student loan forgiveness advisors analyzes each client’s student loan situation for program qualifications and supports the enrollment process with the one of the many Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs offered by the Department of Education,” Randell said.
Many people don’t really understand how MES works or wonders if the program might be too good to be true. Randall offers a simple explanation to the firm’s services.

“A CPA firm specializes in advising and filing federal taxes; the CPA doesn’t replace the IRS. Similarly, MES helps clients navigate the process, identify the best forgiveness programs, enroll and manage monthly payments, as well as administer annual recertification throughout the duration of the loan forgiveness program.”

Vicki Weber, an employee in high education and former client of MES, looked to MES to help her reduce roughly $60,000 in student loan debt that accumulated from earning her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

“I am now able to see that getting my master’s degree and working in higher education was worth it because my education opened so many doors for me,” Weber said. “My Education Solutions helped me qualify for a loan forgiveness program that saved me over $350 per month, and now in my 40’s, I finally have some financial freedom to create experiences for me and daughter, while completing the house projects I had been holding off on.”

Weber added that MES took away the stress of her student loan debt by making the process easy.
“I put my trust in them to help my future,” Weber said.

To learn how MES can help you plan for your future and reduce your student loan debt, check out the student loan forgiveness calculator, and speak with an MES advisor today.